Market Cycles

Feb 01, 2024


If recent events are anything to go by, it appears the property bull market after a great run is fast coming to an end with Sydney and Melbourne firstly leading the way up and now leading the way down. If you listen to the many property “experts” in the mainstream media, this property decline has come as a bit of a surprise with many predicting increasing property values over the past 12 months not declines. The price declines has come has something of a surprise to them. But it shouldn’t be. All asset classes, whether they be investing in property, investing in shares or investing in art all have a cycle that follows fairly predictable patterns.

The diagram below is a what an average market cycle looks like complete with all the highs and lows that take place over the cycle. They all start out and end the same way – some folks win and some lose.



If you want to start investing in Australian shares, you firstly need to understand that property markets, stock markets and all kinds of markets have cycles. Many folks are now fearing a property downturn and the impact it will have on their current and future lifestyle and standard of living.

Unfortunately, many of the investment mistakes we make are because we tend to buy and sell property and shares at the wrong time. People wait until it’s “safe” before joining the crowd. But by then it is too late. They sell once they have “given up” waiting for the price to recover.

Investing in shares in no different. If you don’t know what you are doing, then you are most likely going to make plenty of mistakes before you understand how to invest properly. When you hear the words “make mistakes” it usually means losing money. Because that is what happens to almost all investors when they start out.

When you don’t understand what is happening in property or share markets it is critical to get advice from a good financial councillor or adviser. But to know what a good adviser is you should do a little digging yourself. You can either learn about it yourself which takes a modest level of brain power or rely on the “advice” of experts. can help you avoid the mistakes that many beginners make when starting out investing is shares. I’ll give you the insights and knowledge that I have gained in my 20 years of investing in Australian shares and global markets so you can avoid the costly mistakes that others make.

As many Australians come to realise the painful fact that property (or stock) markets don’t always go up, it will be crucial to invest wisely for your financial future. I believe the property market cycle has reached the peak and so will not provide the investment returns that many believed it would. The next 10 years will be a difficult time to make money in the property market for those without a large amount of cash.

I can teach you a set of investment principles that how you to avoid unnecessary risk taking in property and stock market and help increase your chances of a successful investment and building your wealth for the future.

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