Money Managers and Money Management Part 1

fin finance financial education investing investing education investing strategy money money management money managers May 31, 2024

One thing we all dislike is uncertainty. Especially when it comes to money. We can make many mistakes in life, but a money mistake can create years of regret. 

Money managers on the other hand, seldom suffer from uncertainty. Their fees depend on them being certain, hence all the weekly, monthly, annual predictions about where the stock market and property markets will be. They believe that people don't want to hear "I don't know" or even worse - negative news. Dig a little deeper and you find it is really about not being able to predict the future. 

Like many experts, they are taught theories that don't really correspond one hundred percent to reality. After all, if we can't predict the future, why should money managers be able to?  Reality is messy, whereas theories are not allowed to be messy. They must be certain. 100%.

So they make money appear complex with a "special language" and some formulas and maths. But their results belie their expertise. It is unfortunate, but 85% of money managers fail to beat a simple index. This should be the first thing you are told about money managers. Would you take your car to a mechanic who told you there was an 85% chance that they couldn't fix the problem, but you still have to pay for it?

Ah, but money management is hard. 

Not really. Many of us think it is, because we come from the position that it must be hard because the experts tell us so. Everyone is capable of managing their own money without the need for expert advice. After all, your grandma managed to make ends meet without the need for experts who charged her 1% a year. It just requires a little knowledge about how money markets work and some sensible decision making along the way. 

The first step to financial freedom is not rushing to the bank to borrow lots of money and start speculating in markets. 

The first step is to learn about markets so you avoid making terrible mistakes that can cost you big time. This is the complete opposite of how money managers operate. They talk about how much you can expect to make, endlessly recommending stocks, property or bonds always with an eye to generating fees.

Grandma did okay by understanding a few simple rules and importantly making sure that she didn't take silly risks and lose money. Focus on that, avoid the chatter and hype about risky investments and you'll probably be just fine. 



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