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Mar 11, 2024

Good Morning and Welcome

As you know Stock Market Mentor is now Total Money Management and we have shaken things up a little. 

We have done this because the world is changing rapidly and we need to respond by adapting our investment strategy to meet the time. That does not mean however, that we are changing our investment principles or throwing out our systematic approach. 

It means we need to be a little more active but we remain committed to being global investors. 

And we remain committed to helping make you an independent investor in control of your own financial future.

And here's why:

From an recent investment article.

Australia – from 1996-2017, 73% of individual stocks failed to beat cash. Not the market. Cash

An excerpt from the article: “The proportion of stocks losing money over the last three decades? In around half of markets more than half of stocks lost their owners money on a buy-and-hold-with-dividends -reinvested basis”.

After reading this article, you should see why you should:

  1. manage your own money
  2. avoid individual stocks (unless they are very cheap).
  3. Avoid a buy and hold.
  4. Avoid reinvesting dividends all the time 

 We will aim to post interesting opinions, facts and sometimes controversial statements, but at all times we will have the aim of helping inform you to be the best investor you can. 

The TMM Team



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